We believe an SEO company should focus on laser-targeted relevance to generate high quality Google rankings. Your customers will look you up online before doing business with you, so it’s more important than ever to have a strong local SEO presence.

SEO Audit

Let’s take a quick look at how your website is performing. We’ll find ways to improve it with simple yet effective changes. The Closed Loop SEO Audit provides recommendations based on a detailed assessment. We then design a personalised SEO campaign that will boost your website ranking in Google, increase your traffic and put the spotlight on you when your customers search.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the technical practice of fine tuning the individual pages of your website in order to increase their relevancy for searching customers. If done correctly, you business will gain a higher relevancy score and be pushed up the search engine rankings as a valued site for your potential customers . On-page generally refers to the HTML source code, hidden meta information and content of a page. Off-page SEO refers to external links and 3rd party sites that share a common topic that point to each other. To learn more, take a look at our SEO Audit to uncover your untapped potential.

SEO Link Management

Some external links can negatively impact your business and overall SEO campaign’s success. Our SEO Link Building and Cleaning service can uncover the links that need a detox and the ones that are missing from the campaign. We identify high value links to add to your website, the negative ones that need removing, the time consuming task of contacting external website owners asking them to remove the toxic link and letting Google know when your website deserves to be reindexed.

SEO Copywriting

Effective copywriting is about telling your story and having customers fall in love with your brand. Quality content with a positive message to engage the reader and communities is the key. The Closed Loop approach to SEO Copywriting is to start by listening to our clients. We aim to understand your brand so well that we can write a page from your dairy. Armed with this insight, we perform keyword research and discovery of your niche market and craft copy that resonates with your customers.

Taking Action is only a call away

Many websites look fantastic to the eye, but sometimes go stale or plateau with traffic and results. If you wish to revive your website and try a different approach than your current Australian SEO Agency get in touch now.

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