We start by listening

At Closed Loop, our SEO Audit Services start with a conversation to obtain a clear understanding of our clients website, product and online objectives.

Our SEO Goal is quality over quantity, with no compromises.

We review your current online presence and analyse your keyword phrases that you may already rank for, your desired keywords, your website technical metrics, Google Analytics history, website traffic sources and of course, a close look at your competitors.

Our reports have clear and easy to understand take away action points.

Easy wins

  • We list the top improvements you can address immediately
  • They are simple fixes that could be limiting your website’s search engine visibility in regards to both content and technical setup
  • We list the items you can do right now and are easy and take no time at all


  • We compare your current efforts to your competitor.
  • A comprehensive list of competitors are provided, some you may never have heard of, but who are stealing the best traffic and those ideal customers right from under noses.
  • We identify them, examine their strongest moves and share it with you

Opportunities and goals

This is the long term nuts and bolts of the effort behind a strong and sustainable SEO campaign.

  • Search – We look at exactly what your potential customers are actually searching on. Let’s take the guess work out if it.
  • Discovery – We uncover niche markets inside your industry that are untapped resources of customers searching for your exact product or service, but not finding what they’re looking for.
  • Keywords – We target the keywords and search phrases that will actually make you sales, not just the highly competitive ones that everyone else is doing.
  • Links – Having highly relevant links to and from your website that are on-topic can help immensly. The same is true for some links can actually harm your wesite. We analyse them all and work out which ones to keep, which ones goes in the bin and which new ones ones to create.
  • Quality & Context – This is so true with everything in life and Google Search is no exception. When you search the internet, you want high quality results with websites that are relevant and what you’re looking for. Let’s focus on quality and get your business to the top of that search list

Our SEO Optimisation works best when high quality, context relevant tactic are put in place to deliver sustained, lasting growth. It’s never been about a quick win for immediate results, we’ve got other tactics for that. SEO is a long game that requires long-term strategies and vision.

Our unique and sustainable approach to SEO is why many clients come to us after having a bad experience with one of the many cookie cutter SEO firms out there.

Taking Action is only a call away

Many websites look fantastic to the eye, but sometimes go stale or plateau with traffic and results. If you wish to revive your website and try a different approach than your current Australian SEO Agency get in touch now.

Simply get in touch with us via our enquiry form

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